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Driving under the influence is seriously frowned upon by the state as this is a cause of many avoidable accidents on the road. Before you can hit the road again, you will need an SR-22. This is an official form that many governments requires before they lift the suspension of your license. You will also need this to have your car registered legally in your state. This form will come from the insurance company and summarily states that they have issued a liability coverage for you.

The down side is insurers view drivers with DUI records as high-risk, meaning that they think you are likely to be involved in an accident and file a claim on your insurance policy. With this in mind, most insurance companies charge a premium for this type of insurance.

That said, there are still ways to get the best SR22 insurance, simply to go shop around online. There are many websites that offer no obligation quotes for the best  insurance companies. These sites specialize in this particular type of insurance, so you are guaranteed the lowest and rates available in the market. I suggest you visit several of these websites so you can compare which car insurance provider can provide you with SR22 insurance that is suited to the coverage you need and won’t empty your pockets.


A few simple discounts you might be able to get?  Cheap SR22, Cheapest SR22

  1. You  can buy online, some companies offer discounts if you do
  2. How is your credit score and credit history?
  3. Pay your bills on time every time?
  4. You can combine your auto and home coverage together, should see a savings if you can do that
  5. Can you take defensive driving to clean up your driving record? Chances are if you have an SR22 bond, you are pretty much stuck
  6. Raise your current deductible amount, it might not be a huge savings but it all adds up in the long term. You pay this amount when your insurance pays a claim on your vehicle
  7. Are you a limited use driver? Only drive to and from school or work?
  8. Are you a credit union member? Ask them for a recommendation for who they are affiliated with
  9. Are you a current student with good grades?
  10. Are you active or retired military or is anyone in your family? USAA is a great place to get a quote if you have anyone in your family who is or was in the military
  11. Try the form on the top of this page, enter your zip code and see how low those rates can go, it’s free.

The needed forms will be submitted to the local DMV and court system after your purchase of the SR22 insurance coverage.


SR22 Bond

This bond or certificate is really what you want, since SR22 is not really “insurance” as much as it is a contract with your auto insurance company that acknowledges you are a high risk driver and they are aware of your DUI conviction.


SR22 Requirements

Usually you are required to keep the certificate in place for 3 years, but that can vary depending on where you live and what the court as ordered for you.

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